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Car is now SOLD, thanks for all the interest, it now resides in Devon.
 Vehicles For Sale      1958 Continental MK111 £8500 o.n.o.

This very rare Continental MK111 was brought in from Oregon early 2009 and is in good condition, but will need some work to get through the MOT test to enable it to be registered. All duties are paid and all documentation is here. If it does not sell quickly, we will get round to doing the work and the price will rise as more work is completed. If you'd rather save a bit of money, buy it quickly and do the work yourself.
Engine wise, it has the 430 cu in Lincoln Mercury engine pushing out 375 bhp, and runs very well.
Transmission is the Ford-O-Matic 3 speed auto which shifts okay and drives fine, but needs a few adjustments as it can slip when changing from 2nd to 3rd, but only if it is being pushed hard. It does not slip once the gear is fully engaged.
We have not been through the mechanicals as yet, but all the brakes seem to work, exhaust seems fine, just a small blow at a tail pipe. Front wishbone bushes need changed and I have a full set here to go with the car.
Electric windows including front quarterlights and rear "Breezeaway" window work, but the back door windows are sticky and need checking out. Wipers do not work, an electric conversion would be the best answer here.
Bodywork is really good and straight, only one bit on the passenger front door has some blisters, but seems solid. Paint shines up well for having been in a shed for years and years, but does have some chips, blemishes here and there as would be expected. All door cards, etc are in good shape, front seat must have been re-covered as it is immaculate, rear seat leather is a bit cracked and carpet is pretty good and usable as is.
this car if fully restored would be worth in excess of £20,000 and is well worth buying, and with very little work should be on the road and instantly worth a good bit more than the purchase price. With only 1283 built, you wont run into many more at UK car shows.