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1978 MGB GT £2995


1978 MGB GT in white with black leather or leather look interior. I took this excellent condition classic as a trade against my Dodge RAM, hence I will be selling it on again. It's in very good condition having been subject to a £5000 restoration a few years ago. I don't know lots about these cars, this being the first one I've owned, but I do know a 1978 should have the rubber bumpers, but, in my opinion, this looks a million times better having been restored to look like an older model. It seems to run and drive very well, there are no faults to speak of, the bodywork is excellent, the paint really good and the interior as far as I can see is like new, and is only missing the front carpets, why, I don't know. I have found a few minor faults as follows: 1/ slow puncture o/s/f tyre, 2/ slightly noisy tappets, 3/ one carb float sticking sometimes causing an overflow of petrol. All three of these will be sorted before I sell it, leaving you to obtain the front mats. I will also tune up the engine as I think the timing is slightly out as I found the distributor to be slack. I have just insured it for a year for £82 and will tax it for 6 months from 1st February. The MOT runs out on July 12th. So, there you go, a great wee car being offered at below what it's worth. These MGBs are a safe buy as they hold their value and are very easy to keep on the road, all parts being widely available.