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1979 Ford Pinto Cruisin' Wagon
What we have here is a rare little factory custom van from Ford. Back in the '70s I'm sure we all remember the full size cruisin' vans which Ford, Chevy, GMC and Dodge all produced, factory customised for the young set, as a modern equivalent to the "woodies" used by surfers a couple of decades previous. Ford took that one step further by covering the side windows of a Pinto 2 door wagon and added roof rails, port hole windows, fancy stripe kits, sporty wheels, rear window louvres, and sporty interior with the rear seats still in place like the standard wagon would have had.
Our example has been in the UK for a long time and has suffered some tin worm and so requires a full restoration.
We bought it to restore, but time is tight just now so it's in a queue, and people keep asking me if I have any projects for sale. We are now offering this as a project whilst it is in the queue, and if not sold by the time it's turn comes around, we will do the resto work.
Basically it's solid underneath but has been sat for ages, hence the low mileage so will need a good going over. The door skins especially need work as does the bottom of the tailgate and the tailgate frame. It will then need a decent paint job and some new stripes. There were various colour schemes available, so you could choose from a selection from my original sales brochures without detracting from the originality in my opinion. Mechanically it starts and runs fine, all gears work and the brakes all work too, though a good going over will be needed to make sure it will pass an MOT. It has a 4 pot 2.3 litre engine and 4 speed floor shift manual trans. The interior is pretty much excellent except for the carpet which needs replaced. Other than that the interior only needs a good clean and I will try to get that done very soon. All the special parts that Ford fitted are there and in good condition, e.g. portholes, roof rails, etc.
You would really need to come and look before deciding as, ideally you would want to be doing the body and paint yourself to make it financially viable. I would estimate it's value when completed at £5000, maybe more, as, even a $1000 dollar import from a breakers would owe £4000 by the time it's landed in the UK with duties paid, and then you would still have to restore it!!
We need £1500 or near offer to make it worth while for us to sell as a project.
If you were to buy this, it is unlikely that you will park beside another at a UK car rally, as these are now pretty rare even in the States.