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Now sold, thanks for all the interest


Vehicles For Sale       1997 Dodge RAM 1500 SLT Laramie.    price £6500
This Dodge has been owned by Jim since August 2003 and has had 2 previous owners, and to date has only covered approx 60,000 miles.
Engine is the 5.9 litre Magnum V8, runs very well, does not use oil or water and is capable of 14mpg around town, 20mpg on a steady run and 17mpg hauling a twin axle trailer with another yank motor on board.
Transmission is a 4 speed auto with overdrive which shifts smooth and quiet, no slippage at all. 4 wheel drive is via an auxiliary transfer box with low and high options. This is not in permanent 4WD, it is selected via a separate lever, and due to the fact that it is heavy duty and has high/low ratios, 4 wheel drive cannot be used on tarmac roads, only on soft or slippery surfaces, but it does not get stuck....anywhere.
Truck is road taxed until end June 2010 and is MOT'd until early July 2010. Passed the last MOT with no advisories.
Tyres are almost new, rear shocks are new.
Bodywork wise, the truck has no rust at all and the paint is really good for it's age with only a few minor marks and is 13 years old!
Chrome is excellent on both bumpers and great on the grille too.
A detachable neck towbar is fitted and there is a reversing camera on the rear number plate to enable easy hook up to trailers.
A rear high topper is fitted and inside the back is very clean, is carpeted and has extra seats with cupboards underneath, though this lot would be easy to remove if it was to start doing some serious work.
Interior is almost as new, it is the top level trim Laramie SLT, but with cloth seats instead of leather. The cloth is very clean and has no wear at all. Carpets are excellent having been protected by the optional Dodge "Slush mats". Cab seats 6 in comfort all with seat belts and has privacy glass all round. The standard radio/CD player is fitted and working and is perfectly adequate with it's 4 speakers.
Truck is ready to drive away anywhere, and is a lot of metal for the money. Remember these are more than capable of 250,000 miles with no big problems and this has done about 60,000 genuine miles.