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  Rock'n'Roll Motors started as a name coined by Jim Horn and Graham Meldrum as, basically we had enough old tin lying about to have our own car club, so we decided to use that name for our forthcoming business, due to be established properly in 2011. Graham's main interests used to lie in old British cars and bikes, more precisely Fords and BSAs, whilst Jim, as an ex haulage contractor and still an HGV driver, had more interest in old heavy lorries, having owned and operated a few in the past. Jim also liked old British cars, having had numerous Morris Minors, Fords and BMCs, but back in 1993 whilst on a trip to Old Town in Florida, he and his family saw the "Old Town Saturday Night Cruise" which was full of American cars and pickups from the '50s and '60s. A new fascination was born for fins 'n chrome and a 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air soon arrived. Jim's wife has now claimed this car and it wil never be sold. A few other yanks followed over the years including a very rare 1960 Chevy El-Camino amongst others. So, Graham started to take an interest in American metal too and we took the plunge and imported a car.....then a van....then a pickup.... A lack of space, money and theoretical healthy years left prompted us to realise that the only way we could enjoy all the cars we liked was to bring them in, work on them, run them for a while and replace them with others, as there's no way we could keep every motor we like. Consequently, as Jim has now been made redundant from tanker driving, and Graham's job could end any time, we have decided to sell off our collection and use the money to set up the Rock'n'Roll Motors as a business, based in Grangemouth, Central Scotland.
Right away, you can access our cars for sale page and see what we have to offer. Most of the vehicles advertised are privately owned and when sold, the funds raised from this will be invested in the business to bring in more cars and trucks specifically for sale (after we play with them for a while of course), and to set up a car transport and recovery section, then finally an MOT workshop where part or full restorations will take place. We have just taken premises at Shed 5, Old Dock, Grangemouth, FK3 8UF, and can currently offer you classic vehicles sales, servicing, repairs, restoration, transportation, breakdown recovery, and wedding car hire. Jim will also be selling off his long term private collection of vehicle literature (brochures, pictures, CD ROMs, etc).
Meanwhile, before looking around our site, click on the youtube video below where you'll see a selection of classic cars from the Rock'n'Roll era and hear some period music to remind you of what's great about these days gone by where life was much simpler. Got you thinking of buying a fins 'n chrome car?? Take a look at what we have for sale, and if you don't see what you are looking for, let us know, perhaps we can find the car of your dreams and import it for you. Who knows we may know of one available already in the UK. We know a vast amount about these cars ourselves and have a network of contacts who specialise in different makes or models, so ask any questions, we'll do our best to help. So, click on the video, turn on the speakers and go back to the '50s.
We can be contacted on the following e-mail addresses: or or by landline on 01506 822878 which is a Bo'ness, Central Scotland telephone number. This is Jim's home number as we do not yet have a landline in our workshop in Grangemouth. Jim can be contacted on his mobile 07593 187939. Alternatively, use the form below to make contact and we will get back to you asap.
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Please look below at some pictures of some of the vehicles we have personally owned over the past 30 years, some good, some not so good, and some absolute scrap!!