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                                                   1958 Chevrolet 3200 stepside pickup 
                                                         1960 Chevrolet BelAir
                                                               1979 Ford Pinto Cruisin' Wagon  
                                                                      1977 Ford D1010 truck
                                              1956 Dodge Power Giant pickup
                                                     1963 Chevrolet C-10 panel van
                                                         1978 MGB GT 
                                                              1997 Dodge RAM 4x4 6 seater pickup    
                                                                   1958 Continental MK111 (Lincoln)
                                                                         1952 Chevrolet Panel Van
                                                                               1992 Ford Mustang Convertible   
                                                                                   1959 Chevrolet Apache 32
                                                                                           1951 Chevrolet 150 coupe
 The Classic Road shot!!

This photo was taken by Jim's son James in 2006 on a Western Road Trip. This is Monument Valley US63 from the Utah side, looking back to the valley. Monument Valley has been the scene of many US western films as well as many modern films, and also seen in the classic trucking movie White Line Fever from 1975. The Pixar film CARS also used their version of the valley, called Ornament valley, where the buttes were in the shape of car hood ornaments. When we set of on our holiday, I was determined to take this photo with as near as possible the same view as seen on the cover of the Eagles Greatest Hits album cover. If you look at that album, you will see this is near as dammit the same view, only during the daytime as the Eagles album photo was taken at dusk. If you ever do a sight seeing tour of the western States, this is a destination not to be missed, along with the Grand Canyon.