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1957 Chevrolet BelAir sedan

If you are looking at this page, you are either thinking of hiring, or are simply just interested in our iconic '57 Chevy BelAir.
We have owned this car since 1993, and on arrival here, it was totally original, apart from having had a cosmetic respray in the USA. This is a genuine 2 owner car, the previous owner being the proverbial "little old lady". Well, she would be a young woman when she bought the car new in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.
During our time with it, it has had a few small repairs done underneath, a full strip down and paint underneath, the engine and transmission rebuilt, 2 new carpets, 2 new headliners, all upholstery re-done, and a windows out, chrome off full re-spray. The re-spray was done in 2002, and has been done again for the 2010 wedding season. For the 2011 season, it has had lots of new chrome and stainless trim to the front end including a complete new bumper. It is now truly stunning!! The first 8 pictures below show the car as it is now with all it's new shiny parts fitted.
Anyway, as you can see, classic car ownership is an ongoing, never ending job to keep them in good usable condition, and even more so to keep them in safe condition for wedding hire. The original 283 cu in V8 pushes out 220 bhp and will move you along effortlessly through the 2 speed Powerglide transmission. The large, comfortable, spotless seats will ensure you of a comfortable journey, as you travel in the style of decades gone by.
You can see from the photos that we get around with this car and have been to some pretigious locations. The first 4 photos below were taken in Princes' St Gardens, Edinburgh with the Castle in the background, photo 5 was taken at an event in exclusive Skibo Castle near Dornach (where Madonna got married), photos 6 and 7 were taken at Fingask Castle, Perthshire, and the 8th photo was taken at North Tyneside Registry Office, which is the historic old Naval Building in Tynemouth
And, as the old Billie Jo Spears song "57 Chevrolet" says "they don't make cars like they used to!"